Creating Your Vision Board with Purpose!

I love creating visions boards but I find no point to create one with out any action behind it. Eventually you will find it tucked away in a closet, out of sight, out of mind. Vision are great to map out your ideas and goals and reminders to keep you motivated. Here is an outline on how you can create a vision board with purpose.

Ask yourself these questions and write down your answers:

  • What are you intentions? 

  • What do you want or need? 

  • What are you looking for?

  • How do you want to feel when things become a reality?

Materials You'll  Need  

  • Cork Board, Poster Board, Index Cards, Blank Artbook / Scrapbook

  • Tape, Glue, Pins, Clips, Paper, Magazine, Paint, Markers, Scissors 

Create a Sacred Space

  • Find an open space to be free and layout your materials

  • Add music, candles, incense, whatever you need to make you feel comfortable 

Creating the Vision 

  • Depending on the type of vision word you want to find images and words that match your intent. Build a collection of those things. 

  • Create your own images if you need to 

  • Only apply images/words  that resonate with you in a positive light 

Put it Somewhere you can see it !

  • Make sure to place your vision board somewhere you can see it everyday

Write out a Action Plan to go with your Vision Board

  • Write out a plan of action and the steps you will take to achieve those goals 

  • Focus on the things within your control: thoughts, emotions, choices etc

  • Being prepared for Obstacles   

Reflect on progress, making adjustments as needed 


Peace, Love, Goldn.Light