Let's Talk about Natal Charts !

A few weeks ago I featured a lovely sister of mine, Dreyah Ysrael, on my Self-Care Circle Live. We talked about What Natal Charts Are vs. What They are Not, Scripture, places to start when looking at your chart and more! The conversation was full of information and brought a lot of insight behind natal charts. If you missed the live, no worries we’re looking to add some content to my YouTube channel. In the meantime check out “Natal Charts for Beginners” by Dreyah.

“Regardless if you believe in astrology or not, the manifestations of each character the twelve signs hold, are seen through our actions, conversations, and daily routines. What are these signs – and how do they inherently shape our thoughts and actions? The twelve signs rule the twelve houses, which, depending on what house the sign falls in – determines our innate gifts and obstacles we may face in our lifetime.

Dreyah Ysrael

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