How do you Meditate?

“Prayer is actually meditation. Prayer is a gift and in prayer and meditation we often find the answer to what we are looking for. Prayer is the gift and ability to be able to look into one's self in a private setting with just you and the Most High."

Huldah Dauid of HerRoyalRoots

When most people think about meditation they usually ask how do you meditate? In my opinion there is no right or wrong way to meditate because it’s unique to each person. The same way prayer is unique to each person. Meditation allows you to center yourself to a relaxed state, for a calm mind where you can pray, seek answers, and travel to the root of who you are. It can be a struggle at times to get there and sometimes you’ll feel as if your thoughts are all over the place but with practice and patience you will master the art of control and discipline.

Getting Started

When you begin to mediate think about the space you would like to create. Do you prefer it to be quiet or will the sounds of the ocean help you relax? Do you prefer to light your favorite candle or incense to allow the scent to bring you to a calm state? Try to find the things to create the atmosphere you need. Here are a few examples.

  • Candles or Incense (try Lavender)

  • Anointing yourself with oil (ex: Frankincense)

  • Special garment or shawl

  • Music / Nature Sounds

  • Quietness

  • Position (i.e Laying down, sitting with legs crossed)

When to Meditate? Once again no right or wrong time but here are some suggestions:

  • Rising Meditation: Try to set some time when you wake up to meditate. This will be a great way to start your day.

  • Evening Meditation: Try to set some time before you go to sleep to mediate. Great way to release from your day and connect back to the source before you rest.

  • Bath /Shower Meditation: Spend some time releasing and cleaning your mind while you cleanse your body.

  • Break /Lunch at Work: If possible give 5-10 minutes to disconnect from your phone and thoughts of work

Meditation Methods

Trying to focus during a meditation can be challenging. If you expect your mind to be empty let that idea go because that will set you up for a lot frustration. Realistically speaking we will are almost always going to have a thought. The objective is to be more in control of our thoughts and navigate through them. There are many times when I sit to meditate and try to focus and I start off good but then randomly start to think about what I want to eat. Don’t let that frustrate you. Here are some methods to try which can be combined in different ways.

  • Breathing Technique: breathing can help you focus ad slow down your thoughts as it relaxes your body. Deep breaths with slow counts as well as fast paced short breaths like fire breathing. Find a pattern your most comfortable with and give it a try.

  • Eye Open: Most people close their eyes during an mediation and try to focus on something in their mind. Try with your eyes open and focusing on something that you can see, like starring at a point on your wall.

  • Question Method: Ask yourself “What do I love about myself” and pause and pay attention to the thoughts that follow. Try not to toss the thoughts that come to your mind, instead address each one with concern even its random thoughts. If you feel yourself getting off the path just ask yourself the question again.

  • Visualize: As you sit still to focus try to paint pictures of your thoughts. If you’re telling yourself you want to have a good day, start to picture what that good day looks like for you.

  • Scripture: Meditating on scripture is great way to focus. Repeat the scripture to yourself and seek answers on what it means? How does it apply to your life? Use the scripture to commune with the Most High and seek within.

There are many great methods and ways to mediate. Try to find what works for you and commit to adding more mediation / prayer to your routine.

I hope this post gave you some insight and encouragement about meditation. Let me know what you think. Share your thoughts below.

Peace, Love, Goldn.Light