The Recipe for Consistency!

What does consistency even mean? By definition, consistency is the conformity in the application of something. The words that come to mind when I hear the word consistency is Firm, you’re grounded on what you are trying to achieve. Steadfast, you’re committed, loyal and steady. Here’s a little recipe I cooked up that I use to help me stay consistent.                                   


  • A heart & mind of What’s Important ?

  • 1 cup of Preparing Self for Self (Excuses)

  • 1 cup of Planing Ahead

  • Forgiveness and Grace (as needed)

  • 4 cups of Patience

  • 2 cups of Self-Discipline

  • 4 cups of Positivity


  1. Prepare your heart and mind to write down what is important. Focus on 3-5 things that you want to become consistent with, but try not to overwhelm yourself with a huge list. If you’re struggling with consistency narrow your list down to 2-3 things. Remember to be very clear and specific with your list.

  2. Next, take 1 cup of your possible excuses and write down the reasons you think you can’t do it. Spend some time to counteract those excuses with solutions. (When you feel yourself coming to that point look at your list of reasons and solutions)

  3. Once you have your list of what’s important and possible excuses. Mix 1 cup of planning. At this step you will want to map out a routine to help you get into your groove. Daily schedules are really helpful, so create a daily to-do list for you to complete. Remember that if your mix is not the right consistency feel free to make necessary adjustments.

    • Tip: Add some motivation with your daily task by applying a bet or turning your to-do list into a game  

  4. As things begin to settle from planning and you begin to move forward day to day you may hit a few lumps and fall off track or even make some mistakes. Sprinkle some forgiveness and grace where needed and get back on track at the next available moment. Avoid falling into the habit of beating yourself up so much that it becomes all you do and you never get back on track.

  5. In a separate bowl blend your patience, self-discipline and positive energy together and pour it over your entire life lol. No, seriously this combination is the heart of consistency. Allow yourself time to build new habits and time to break old ones. It doesn’t happen overnight. Practice self-discipline by sticking to your plans. Try not to give in to your distractions and stay focus on what’s important. Lastly, through all of this it’s important to stay positive. Feed yourself with positive reminders to help push forward and even if you have a few days where you need to vent and let out some frustration, by all means let it out, but make sure to fill back up with some love and care.

Overall consistency isn't about speed I see it as maintaining a sense of constant balance in your life. It doesn't mean you’re perfect or that you won't mess up, so instead of thinking perfection just focus to be even and constant. Find a pace you’re comfortable with and maintain it.

Peace, Love, Goldn.Light

Let me know how you handle consistency. Leave a comment sharing your thoughts.