Monthly Planning & Setting Goals!

I want to take some time to talk about planning and setting goals. It’s really important that we take the time to write down our ideas, set goals, and create a plan of action on how we will push towards them. I’m a huge advocate for writing things down because it serves as a good reminder and it’s apart of bringing our visions to life. Keep in mind, if you write down a plan and never follow through with action then that vision is dead.

Before we get started I want you to grab your notebook and a pen. Take at least five minutes to reflect. Think about the things that help you feel calm and relaxed. It could be sitting in nature, a nice bath, or listening to music. Find out what brings you peace and write it down. (These things will be what you return to when you feel overwhelmed).

Ok, Monthly Goals and Planning… let’s go!

2-3 Goals for the Month

Too avoid overwhelming yourself, try to choose between 2-3 goals for the month that you want to achieve. I want you to be very clear and specific with your goals. The more clear and specific you are the easier it will be to see your goals and also help you outline the steps you need to get there. For example, don’t settle for saying “I want to drink more water” that’s a great goal but it’s not a clear enough picture. Let’s break this goal down!

Starting point: Drink More Water

How Much? 1 Gallon

How often? Everyday

Deadline? Before 10pm (this creates a challenge to push yourself- make it a game)

So now we have “I want to drink a gallon of water everyday before 10pm” which can easily become an affirmation, “I AM going to drink a gallon of water everyday before 10pm”.

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule will help you build better habits. A monthly goal is something we aim to complete within month, but what does that goal look like week to week and even day to day. Map out your days by creating a schedule and implementing a task to complete that is associated with your goal. For example, let’s say you have a goal to create 3 new pieces to add to your collection. With that you will need to map out time to design, edit, research, sew, photograph etc. Be clear and specific about what goes into your goal and how you can plan out time to give to each thing. We have to get comfortable with seeing the big picture and then taking responsibility to outline the small steps to get there. (If there is a goal that takes more than one month these steps still apply and you will also be building a momentum to carry over from month to month)

Distractions & Self-Discipline

Be honest with yourself and find out what you’re distractions are. Make a list of all the things that distract you on a day to day basis. Then find a way to get rid of the distractions. For me my phone can become a huge distraction so I exercise the right to place my phone on DND (Do not Disturb) . I find a space where I can be completely dedicated to my task. Time is very important and we don’t want to waste it on constantly being distracted. Discipline yourself to not give in to your distractions. Keep reminders of your goal and what’s important and get it done!

Accountability Partner

Support is always a blessing when it comes to goals. If you’re able to, link up with a friend to hold you accountable and to make it interesting, make a bet and put something valuable on the table. A little pressure can be a good thing.

Be Positive

The process won’t always be fun and laughs. There will be a lot of hard days and times when you’re just not in the mood and think about giving up. Rest but don’t quit and try to remain positive. If you’re falling a little short it’s okay congratulate yourself on the progress you make even if it’s small. Vent if you need to but don’t spend so much energy drowning in negativity. Try to use that energy towards solutions instead. It’s all good and if you need to make adjustment by all means do it. It’s better to get in the race and walk a few steps then never step up to the line. (But if you’re struggling stepping up to the line spend sometime with yourself to find out why. Become aware first and then get to work)

Here are some tools you can use to help with planning:

  • Planner / Calendar

  • Notebook

  • Spreadsheet

  • Sticky Notes


  • Trello app

  • Habit Bull app

  • Creating a Vision Board

  • Alarm Clock / Setting Reminders

Share some ways you plan and set your goals. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Peace, Love, Goldn.Light