Finding Your Passion!

My desire for everyone is to live life to the fullest doing things they love. Finding your passion doesn’t only apply when you’re starting a career. It can also come when you find yourself stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy. It’s easy to get used to a routine and forget about ourselves and the things that bring out the joy from our inner child.

Finding Your Passion

There are so many things we truly enjoy to do but we often talk ourselves out of it. We naturally analyze the scenario and then sometimes down play ourselves. This removes the very action needed to go out and explore what we like or enjoy.

 For example, Let's say I enjoy writing and get excited about writing a book. Instead of me taking action by getting a journal and begin to map out my ideas, I fill my head with doubt and worry instead. Asking, how will I write it? I'm not like this author, What if no one likes it? How will I even publish it? and the list goes on and on. We then turn back to what’s comfortable and run away from the very thing that will set us free.


Start Doing Things You Enjoy

Sometimes we don’t know what we enjoy until we try it. Allow yourself to venture out into new things to see how you feel. Is there a dance class you want to try? or what about that cooking class on Groupon. Even if you try something and you realize it’s not for you at least you tried it. You will start to understand more about yourself . You never know how the experience can help expand new horizons. If you’re already aware what you enjoy don’t wait for a perfect moment to find time to start enjoying it. The perfect time is in the now!

Put Love in Everything You Already Do! 

“For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content” Phil 4:11. This scripture comes to mind for the very reason that sometimes we tend to focus on what we don’t have instead of being content and strengthening what we already have. For everything that you already do, do it with love. Put apart of yourself in the many hats that you wear. Change your perspective on the things you already do to practice positive thinking. You can exercise your passion in small ways to prepare you to apply passion in all areas. If you can't change what you're doing , change how you do it.

Childhood vs Current

Think about what you enjoyed as a child. What ignites your inner child? If you realize that you are still excited about those things, start to explore it more. We often get older and consume ourselves with so worrying that it chokes our inner child. Let loose and wake up your inner child and get back to your beginning. If you can’t remember what you enjoyed or if it changed take a look at your current habits. What have you been buying lately, reading or even talking about? What excites you in your heart , brings you joy or happiness? What makes you light up? What can you talk or read about for hours? Write those things down.

Ask a Close Friend or Family

Reach out to a friend or family member that will be honest with you. Ask them what do they notice that you talk about a lot Allow another perspective to be a guide.

Sometimes sitting at home thinking about what we love to do isn't the answer. Just get up and do it. Allow your experience to guide and bring understanding. You never know what will wake up inside of you. Don't be Afraid. Don’t let your thoughts discourage you. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Be a child and just go outside and play.

Much love,

Peace, Love, Goldn.Light

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