"Fall! Is That You Playa?!" Happy New Year To Black Manhattan!

“Fall! Is that you playa?!” *in my Romey Rome voice*


Can you believe that this time last Fall makes a full year since Black-Manhattan’s official launch? This year has been a roller coaster! Since launching I’ve dealt with an array of emotions from wanting to quit, to wanting to win and a whole bunch of mixed feelings in between! Luckily for me I have a great support system that won’t allow me to quit no matter how much I may try (shout out to all of you!) and even more importantly my desire to win is stronger than my desire to quit, which is why you’re able to read this post. There have been good times and there have been trying times and for my first year I’ve accomplished some amazing things! Some of my biggest accomplishments this year have been being named Fashion Bombshell of the Day by FashionBomDaily.com in October 2017, being recognized by TheRealReal.com by being added to their Instagram story! and to round out the year, being invited to a NYFW event hosted by TheRealReal.com at their Soho location in NYC! Each time a milestone was made I was in total shock because this year has been a learning curve and has taught me the importance of consistency and how it can make a positive impact on your brand and life over all. Although consistency has been a struggle, for Black-Manhattan year 2 is the year of consistency and I will not take anything less from myself! 


To kick off the new year, (break out the champagne!) lets talk about transitioning your favorite Spring/Summer pieces you’re just not over yet into the Autumn season. This past Spring/Summer I really experimented with skirts and t-shirts. The level of comfort and effortlessness that I had rocking skirts and t-shirts over the last season I am just not willing to give up yet so its crossing over with me into Autumn. The way I transitioned my favorite burnt orange Helmut Lang skirt and “Free Mumia” vintage t-shirt from Bad Taste PVD into Fall was by trading my sandals for a statement boot and by adding a chic piece of outwear to keep warm. By adding a statement boot and good outwear it instantly takes your past season outfit to this season and creates a whole new head turning look! 


I purchased this cream vintage 70’s coat from an antique store named Nostalgia in Providence, RI and my statement boots are Dries Van Noten purchased via TheRealReal.com. By adding these two pieces I’ve instantly transitioned my look into the Fall! “She Ready!” *in my Tiffany Haddish voice*


How are you transitioning your favorite Spring/Summer pieces into the Fall? Let me know!

Conscious, Culture, Art Always.

Black Manhattan