She Did It?! She Styled Pants!


My relationship with pants has been a love hate relationship, and to be honest it’s been more love than hate. Have you ever scrolled through my Instagram feed? Nothing but skirts and dresses for the most part. Dresses and skirts check off all of my boxes that concern comfortability, ease and style, especially in the warmer months. Now I know, I know, I can’t wear skirts and dresses forever, especially in late autumn and the winter season. Truth be told if there is one thing I can’t stand for too long it’s being cold, *can I get an Amen?* so I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the prison for my thighs we so affectionately call, “Pants.” 


If the saying, “Thick Thighs Save Lives,” is true, then pants are definitely the equivalent of the villain for me. Dancing and jumping around to get into them, just for the moment when I get them all they way up they turn out to be too big for my waist?! *Just throw them away! in my GotDamnZo voice.*  Needless to say I’ve been trying to find a good pair of pants that provide me comfort, warmth, and style and I have tried what I feel like is every brand known to man. From Fashion Nova to Levis, to 7 For All Mankind and more, I always find myself back in a thrift store looking for mom jeans. Thrifted mom jeans are good for the waist and good for the thighs, in my price range and a classic, however lately one of my closest friends has been challenging me to actually style a pair of pants and post it. We argue about it all the time because of my reluctancy to push myself in this area, so when I texted him the other day to tell him it was happening, that I was actually going to style a pair of pants, he was shocked. 


For this adventure I found myself at Savers in the mens section. I wanted a fit that was not too tight on my thighs, long and chic. I found at least 4 pairs of denim and two pairs of trousers and proceeded to the dressing room. Could you believe that at least 3 of the 4 pairs of denim that I picked up were still a tad bit too tight on my thighs! *Bruh* At that point I knew denim was not going to be it for me that day and moved on to trousers and I found EXACTLY what I was looking for. I found this pair of plaid trousers and instantly knew they were the one. All of my boxes were checked off, they were chic, not too tight on my thighs and a classic. Did I mention they were $6.00?! I ran to the cashier and CHECKED OUT! A little pin here and a little pin there (before I actually have them tailored) and here we have it! I paired the look with a western shirt I bought back in July that I am obsessed with from Empire Vintage on Etsy and Philip Lim Boots I purchased from The RealReal! 


How cool and convenient that I took this pic in the door way of an antique shop!?

Where do you find your pants? Help your girl out?!

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