Living A Healthy Lifestyle Is Ultimately Mind Over Matter

Ask yourself this question? How many times have you told yourself, “Monday, Monday is going to be a fresh start to your healthy lifestyle!” You finish your fried chicken and waffles and with confidence anticipate Mondays arrival. You're ready to kill it, but somehow you find yourself in the line at Five Guys that Wednesday ordering a large fry to go with your burger and shake (insert Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN face here). That healthy life style you were dedicated to on Monday has been suspended just to try to recommit yourself to it again the following week. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good plate of fried fish, baked mac and cheese, collard greens and corn bread (you hungry yet?) however on my continuous journey to healthy living I realized the reason why I was having such a bad romance with Monday is because my commitment was all physical, nothing mental or spiritual about it. I was just going through the motions, no strings attached, which was creating a never ending cycle of complacency. My struggle was not only with food, but in other areas in my life as well that needed more of a conscious effort on my part if I was going to see any inward growth, to get physical results. 

Now, I am not an expert on health living and I still fight with myself everyday to make better choices, however with every fight won, I’ve learned some valuable lessons and tips for when I need to get myself together *Rick and Morty style.*  I hope sharing what has helped me helps you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

Here are my 6 Tips! 

Tip 1: Progress is a process

  • Everything takes time. Whatever you're trying to change understand that it won’t happen over night. The first step to making progress is being real with yourself. Make your mind up about what you want to do and go for it. There may be times where you slip up but don’t quit, you got this! Be persistent!

Tip 2: Discipline and Desire

  • Discipline and the desire to succeed are essential to creating significant change. Nothing you want comes without the discipline and the desire to achieve it. It is important to focus on your goals and make a conscious effort everyday to cross them off your list. 

Tip 3: Accountability Partner

  • In the event that you are lacking the discipline you need initially to get started you may need an accountability partner. Yes, they will be in your business but sometimes you need an extra push from someone you trust in the right direction to get you to the next level. What you practice becomes a habit and eventually an accountability partner won’t be needed anymore. 

Tip 4: Stop Romancing Monday!

  • Ok! because I mentioned practice becomes a habit in tip # 2, I strongly encourage you stop making Monday a habit! If you want to change or do something go for it right then and there! The moment you make up your mind to do something, do it!

Tip 5: Forward Never Backwards

  • Don’t look back! The best way to keep moving forward is to leave your past where it is. Your past should only serve as a motivator to keep you going! Whatever you have been working so hard to change and have seen growth in, continue to do so.

Tip 6: Encourage others

  • Don’t forget to encourage others on their healthy life style journeys. It's not easy to make changes to unwanted habits. Once you begin to make progress and you see others around you looking to make changes as well, help them out! You're not only being their accountability partner, but they are being yours as well. You really do inspire people you don’t even know. 

All of our goals are different and I hope this helped you out in some way. Remember healthy living is a mindset, inward first, outward second. Whatever you're looking to change you have everything you need inside of you to do it, you just have to make up your mind and start. You don’t need Mondays permission to make a change! 

 Let me know what you have been doing to better yourself and send me some tips too? (I could use them)

Conscious, Culture, Art Always.

Black Manhattan