Artist Spotlight: Need A Tight Beat? The Other Guys Have Got You Covered! 

Have you ever listened to music that makes you feel good? I mean really good? The type of music that makes you think of a warm summers day? The green on the leaves and the bold colors of the flowers creating the perfect juxtapose to the gracefully aged brownstones around you? Music that gives you the feeling of being surrounded by life, beautiful smiles, good people and appreciating the simpler things? 

Often times when I am listening to music, especially instrumentals thats exactly how I feel. Instrumentals can put me in a different place when I am in need of some positive vibes and my latest download did just that. 

The Other Guys, signed to HiPNOTT Records and hailing from Washington DC are one of the dopest duos’s in hip hop today. The pair consisting of Mighty Joe and Isaiah are amazing artists. With Joe’s impeccable sampling and Isaiah's authentic hip hop flow it's no wonder why they are making waves in the industry and I'm sure it will be a full on flood soon! Don’t believe me? Listen to their latest EP called, “The Working Class, An Instrumental Series” and thank me later. Kick back and let the good vibes hit you when you listen to some of my faves like, “The Late Shift,” which is so smooth it makes you feel like your kicking it in the park watching the most gorgeous sunset, “Pepsi Cola,” because this track gives you the feeling of just enjoying good company, “Super Timbs,” which gives you that real hip hop sound or my absolute favorite on the EP, “Claire Huxtable.” First off not only is the name genius, ( because who would disagree with the fact that Claire Huxtable was the epitome of style and grace) but all of what I described to you earlier, you know the warm summers day and the flowers creating the perfect juxtapose to the brownstones? The instrumental “Claire Huxtable” gave me that feeling. The jazzy soulful track has been on repeat for me from the first time I pushed play and downloaded the EP and now I am sending the good vibes your way! 

Follow The Other Guys On Instagram @otherguysmusic and download “The Working Class, An Instrumental Series” for free on bandcamp! 

What is your favorite track that puts you in a great mood? Let me know! 

Conscious, Culture, Art Always.

Black Manhattan