Favorite Thrifted Designer Shoe In My Closet!


Lets set the scene:

 *It’s 9:00 pm on Saturday night, wings on deck, wing sauce on my face, Netflix playing, and I am browsing through the pages of the Real Real site (more on the Real Real to come) looking for the perfect mule……*

 Fun fact about me? I am obsessed with a good mule. When I wear them there is a feeling of looking and being effortlessly chic, but thats not the best part…….*wait for it* you slide them on and off! They are my go to shoe when I am running late but want to look stylish, lazy but want to look somewhat put together or when I am planning on wearing a simple outfit and I need a shoe that's not a commitment but takes my look to the next level.

*Enter the statement mule of my dreams stage left*  

It was everything I was looking for! After hours of searching, I had finally found it. This mule had met all of my credentials for being “The One.” I even checked with my friends who agreed this mule had the "It" factor.  The shoe was a great heel height, black with patent leather detail, a little studded bling for some edge and with the perfect balance of a bow on the toe cap to keep it flirty. It was pre-loved and being sold at a great price point and to top it off, it was giving off major vintage vibes. What I so affectionately named "The Princess Mule" by Viktor & Rolf was on its way to me and I couldn't have been more excited or pleased with myself (because juggling Netflix, wings and shopping is one hell of a task). 

*Fast forward three days later and whole lot of anticipation*

The princess mule had finally arrived at my moms house and I was eager to get her opinion on the shoe. Positive she would share the same love and enthusiasm for my new beauties, I told her, "Open the box!" to which she had proceeded to tell me my new faves had been the ugliest shoe she had ever seen! Can you believe it?! Her insult to what I thought was an amazing buy was a major ego check and I couldn't help but laugh! But its all good though right? Not everyone is going to love the same things as you.

(Sigh) Sometimes you just have to trust your taste and stunt on ‘em anyway and now the princess mules are my current faves and a staple in my closet.

Ever had a time where you trusted your taste as supreme over others opinions? Let me know!

Conscious, Culture, Art Always.

Black Manhattan