self-care circle sunday

with goldn.light

She’s a Jersey native living in Greensboro, NC married to her best friend and the owner of two businesses. She’s filled with so much drive and ambition with hopes of breaking some generational chains and setting up a brighter future for herself and others. Her name is Latoya but you might know her by Goldn.Light.

What’s Behind the name:

Goldn.Light can be understood two different ways, Gold and Light and Golden Light. Self- explanatory, but in short she emits a type of light that brings value and life to this world.

A few months ago I was inspired to create the Self-Care Circle Sundays after much push and encouragement from my tribe. Self-Care Circle Sundays is a series of building sessions where I share different topics during my Live on Instagram. It’s an interactive build and a space for us to come together to share ideas and goals and push each other towards them. Starting in November we were able to discuss Monthly Planning, Budgeting, Meditation, Vision Boards, Consistency, and even Natal Charts. As I continued week to week with each live I noticed that I needed to create a place for everyone to come back to for a reminder or to catch up just in case the Live was missed. I have so much faith in you to get where you need to be and I plan to show you the different things I do or have learned. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to look inward and find what works for you. So, here we are!


Let’s talk about self-care. Self-care to me is deeper than the time spent for facials, spa dates , or bubble baths (although those things are great), but the depth of Self-Care that is really my focus comes down to our mental state and how we take care of our self. Which ultimately reflects how we take care of our lives. Self-care shows up in our diet, finances, spirit, self-esteem, work, play, life purpose, our surroundings, and much more. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m still down for a good herbal bath but behind the act I’m filling my cup and checking my mental peace.

I’m excited about this blog and also looking forward to sharing. Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Peace, Love, Goldn.Light